FreeFileSync - an open source software product, designed primarily to sync files, folders, and any type of data stored on different hard, virtual, removable drives or media. The program is quite interesting, because, let you perform certain operations on the synchronization is not available to other utility created in this area.

Key Features FreeFileSync

First of all, it should be noted that this software has several modes of operation, the main ones being automatic mode when changing file in the root folder automatically, manual control mode changes, as well as the mode of the so-called mirror in which one folder and particular file being changed, and the copy is distributed directly copying function in real time. Most interestingly, this mode allows you to really change the entire contents without changing the properties of the original file, and keeping all its properties and performance capabilities.


By and large, this tool can be quite useful. It can use full access to the files and folders of any type, including not only files and folders multimedia, but the system files and utilities. You understand that delete the file, or you can change it quite simple, however, in this case, you can use a mirror, although the manual mode to a predetermined schedule, it might seem the most preferred. After all, here we have known the correct synchronization with the original content, even located in the system folders of the operating system.

In fact, even this makes this tool the most interesting and popular in synchronized actions with the set of data types. Feedback from users, this program has the simple and intuitive interface that can easily master the user of any level of experience. Moreover, there is no need to think too much. Everything is in front of your eyes. The program even has any additional context menus to access additional configuration settings.

In general, if you do not want to, as they say, bother to setup and easy to use this software, there is nothing better and easier to come up with is impossible. This program actually meets all the requirements of modern development at the highest professional level.