EasyTune - one of the most interesting and practical tools for use overclocks, especially those who have decided that was called "Moldovan 'over crackdown motherboard production Gigabyte. Although, I think, and not as advanced users program can be useful in terms of learning the basics of overclocking.

Key Features EasyTune

First of all, I should say that the application has clear limits on all the characteristics of motherboards and will not allow to make acceleration, which can result in failure of the equipment. So, in this respect, do not worry. Just when you set some parameters, which goes beyond the allowable value, the program immediately displays a message on the inapplicability of such actions and will set the option to run.

If we talk about the characteristics that can be changed, the choice is quite wide. For example, you can dig into the settings frequency AGP, PCI and DRAM, experiment with the factor or the system bus. Most interesting is that an application has its own module program like CPU-Z, which provides full features for all parameters, including voltage at the individual elements, temperature, fan speed, and more. Here, as mentioned above, there are threshold setting unit, and which allows the use of parameters above or below critical.

After spending such experiments can not even worry that the whole system, or "iron" because of the settings will be ruined. You can always use the rollback to the original values, and even those that have been applied in previous times, namely, to the factory recommended settings. Everything else, the program has three levels of automatic overclocking. The easiest and safest possible is one of them. One click - and the system automatically applies the custom settings, depending on the selected level. However, there is an opportunity to experiment and in manual mode.

download-gigabyte-easytune-6-pcQuite interesting is the control interface itself. It is designed as a colored console, which is somewhat reminiscent of gaming consoles (5th release) and a standard window (6th release). All the main buttons and options are right before your eyes, so climb in additional context menus do not have to.

In conclusion, it remains to add that the program is cross-platform and has a multilingual interface. Actually, a lot of space distributive none. So if you're a fan of experiments on overclocking and you do not give rest overlooking, this program can really interest you best.