GimpShop is a free image editor based on the notorious Gimp, and it is an unofficial version. The basic feature set corresponds to release Gimp 2.2. But the main difference is that the design of the application interface as close as possible to the interface of Adobe Photoshop (hence, in fact, the name).

Key Features Of GimpShop

The most important changes were exactly the organization of the interface and all menus. In this version of the interface is used MDI, which allows you to place windows with images inside one window, which, of course, is much easier than working with multiple windows program. Many developers have worked on the organization and the menu. The fact is that all the menus and their lists were reorganized and renamed to full compliance menu Photoshop. In addition, the keyboard shortcuts used to perform certain actions (so-called "hot keys") fully comply with key assignments in Photoshop. These developers have achieved certain goals. Firstly, many who use Photoshop, certainly found something interesting for yourself in Gimp. Now work with these graphic editor is no different. Secondly, Gimp users a unique opportunity to learn to work with Photoshop, without using the program itself directly. Roughly speaking, GimpShop is something of a bridge between two well-known graphic editors.

If we talk about the basic functionality, they are particularly from Gimp no different. It offers the same tools and operations. Naturally, besides copying, pasting, or change the brightness, contrast or size, it is possible to use additional filters or effects. This allows you to create a variety of custom images. For example, you can create a collage or a parody, as well as impose a filter to give the image of a retro effect, the rain, and so on.. In general, anything that can be used in the original program. And just as easily, you can create different kinds of calendars, icons or menu items to design programs.

In conclusion, we note that this application can really help a lot if you do not connect, then, at least, to build a bridge between two popular graphics editors. And, although the developer side, that is, not part of the creators or Gimp, or Photoshop, however, the program was supported and appreciated by both sides.


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