Gnumeric is a free software with open source software, which is part of the office suite GNOME Office, and is designed to work with spreadsheets. In fact, the program Gnumeric - this is quite a strong competitive alternative to applications such as Microsoft Office Excel and Calc. I must say that many professionals and experts in the field testing of such programs argue that the application Gnumeric looks much better alternative software packages.

Key Features Of Gnumeric

The first thing that catches your eye when you run the application Gnumeric, an interface that looks like exactly the same Excel. In principle, it is not different. So, users who are familiar with office programs MS Office, understand the software Gnumeric not working.

As for the features of the application, they are mostly the same features as other programs. Of course, you can work with different kinds of data tables, formulas, graphs, charts, etc. All of this is not new. However, the program Gnumeric contains more than 150 unique features that are not found anywhere else.

Files created with the application Gnumeric, have their own format, but you can use the import and export of other formats. By the way, the application Gnumeric of all programs support the largest number of such tabular formats. Furthermore, the program Gnumeric, estimated leading experts in IT, gives more accurate results of calculations as compared with the same Excel. If you compare the software Gnumeric with such a monster as Calc, then this app has the best compatibility with the format of the spreadsheet Excel.

No less interesting and can be called that, despite its high functionality, the program Gnumeric is very compact, has high speed and absolutely not demanding on system resources. It allows to use the software product on a relatively low-power computers. It remains to add that the application Gnumeric is a cross-platform. Not to mention the most common operating systems such as Windows or Linux, you may note that this software works fine in OS such as ReactOS, SkyOS and BeOS.

In general, the application Gnumeric makes a very good impression and, indeed, can make a pretty strong competition to many well-known programs from top manufacturers. Yes, the use of this program is quite simple.

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