Google Chrome is a browser from Google, which is constantly updated and allows fast and now also safe surfing on the net. Web pages are translated using the integrated Google Translator and easy use of the browser convinced along with different security settings. Google Chrome thus provides an attractive appearance, always new versions and a fast Internet surfing.

The user protection is comprehensive aligned

With Google Chrome, you can now surf the Internet, because the browser has installed some protection functions, through which you will be better protected against pop-ups, and from noise through advertisements. To obtain, for example, in Google Chrome notification when a website tries to open a pop-up and can react in time. In this way, a safe surfing is possible on the net and you as a user will be warned about dangerous content by the browser. Very practical is the direct link to Google+, because you are the better and faster networks and their favorites can also access easier.

Many advertisements you enjoy as a user with their sound and sometimes it is not so easy to determine from which table because now comes the sound. Google Chrome has in this area, but the ability to recognize the tones - to a small speaker icon to instantly recognize which tab makes noise and can quickly do something about it. This handy feature is very well suited for frequent surfers.

Free and fast browser for each computer

In 2008 Google Chrome was first released, said much has changed since then and the use now, even more, fun than it was several years ago. This is due to extensive changes and extensions, so now faster and above all safer and surfing the net is possible. Google Chrome, you can use it on any computer, in addition, there are now versions for mobile phones and for various computer systems. The browser continues to evolve and is an interesting option with Google Chrome, from which you can download and then installed it without the internet because it is an offline installer of Google Chrome only to download it's required internet.


Features Of Google Chrome

  •  Access bookmarks and applications from the computer
  • Synchronize data by choice
  • Personalize your experience
  • Avoid complicated software installations
  • Provides use of 1000's of extensions
  • Restore the previous session and continue in which you ended
  • Synchronize bookmarks across productsSupports styles and skins

download-google-chrome-pc-windows-xp-7-8-8-1-94616Technical Setup Of Google Chrome

• Full Title of software program : Google Chrome
• Version : 37.0.2062.120
• Setup File Size: 36.6 MB
• Installer Type: offline
• System sort : 32bits/64bits
• License : Freeware
• Developer: Google


System Requirements For Google Chrome

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Hard Disk: 320GB
  • Processor: Quad core 0r more