Google Chrome Portable is the portable version of the already well established internet browser Google Chrome. This release, as well as stationary version is open source (ie, it is possible to amend and supplement the program as you wish) and has all the necessary functionality for comfortable work in the Internet. However, unlike the stationary version does not require installation of the hard disk and can be run at any removable media.

Key Features Of Google Chrome Portable

From parent programs Google Chrome Portable is virtually identical. It has the same GUI and allows you to configure using different skins and themes for decoration. Working with tabs is very convenient and is produced in a single window.

With regard to the installation file, it takes about 11 MB and will fit on any flash media. When working with the portable version on a computer not a trace, that is, not downloaded files cookies, is not recorded history of web pages that do not change the system registry, as well as setting a basic browser Google Chrome, if installed on the computer on which you performed work with Google Chrome Portable. The only thing that is required is some space on the removable device, because the contents of cookies and cash stored in your Profile folder is on removable media.


Loading speed is quite high and practically does not differ from the rate at which work landline releases. As well as these programs, special attention is paid to security, however, the program generates only the resource lock request if there is a suspicion of the presence of viruses or malicious codes. If you do not agree to this action, the issue of blocking the site will already be engaged in anti-virus (the same approach is typical for recent versions of Mozilla, when the presence of the operating system, antivirus software required).

However, from the users can often hear quite serious criticism on the security system. For the operating system perhaps does and safe, however, many argue that it is just spyware. Most likely, this is due to the transfer of certain confidential information about the user, his whereabouts or the most frequently visited online resource for developers of this software. But not for us to judge. The fact that it is generally common to all browsers, regardless of the manufacturer of the application. But the fact that this version is convenient and practical work, no one denies.