GreenBrowser and one of the newest developments is a tool for Internet surfing. The program is built on the engine, Internet Explorer, however, produces a very favorable impression, primarily due to the huge number of settings and the support of the set of skins and plug-ins. Moreover, this browser is absolutely free and is much smarter than their congeners.

Key Features GreenBrowser

So, what is a so-called "Green does"? This question can not be answered unequivocally no, because each user their own preferences in the work on the Internet. Nevertheless, some of the features of this software will be able to interest many users.

Let's start with the fact that there is practically in all programs of this type. This work with tabs, blocking unwanted pop-up windows, a lot of settings in the spam filter and prevent the appearance of advertising, support multiple standards, which are used in the development of Web sites, and much more. In principle, as elsewhere, it is possible to disable one-click playback of Flash-animation or graphics. It's as you please.

But, setting that is called by itself, there are so many that no other program is no longer met. Not only that, you can change the appearance beyond recognition, there are many opportunities to add your own panels in the main window. The most interesting thing here is that on the toolbar, you can make any necessary not only a website, but even a folder icon or run a specific application. Thus, absolutely any program installed on your computer can be run directly from the browser window.

Quite interesting is a search engine. The fact that there is no priority given to a particular search site. The user is free to choose exactly which search engine to use, up to add your own web resource.

download-greenbrowser-6-7-0417-windows-xp-7-8Special attention and deserves all praise and attitude of the program to consume system resources. In the tests proved that this application has the least impact on the overall system. Even such giants as Google Chrome and Opera consume resources much more.

Thus, although it's not all features of the application, is to say that its developers have quite a serious approach to the creation of a universal product for travel across the expanses of the World Wide Web. You could even say that they get a combination conventional Internet browser and the most common shortcut bar. So, the user experience is available. And if you take into account and a minimum load on the system and a lot of settings, then perhaps soon equal that program product, just not there. In general, time will tell how this does justify itself.