Greenshot - a small but fairly powerful program, the main purpose of which is to fast and as simple as creating a screenshot. You can use a variety of built-in tools, which are often simply not present in most programs of this type. And that they should pay special attention.

Key Features GreenShot

First of all, we should say that this software is designed specifically for the field of screen shots, not limited to a screenshot of the entire screen. You can easily take a snapshot of any selection or pre-selected selection. Moreover, it may concern not only the active window or the currently open programs, but many applications such as Internet browsers, the pages are not fully displayed on the main screen.

No less interesting, perhaps, the main advantage of this application is a built-in image editor to change the images obtained using the basic utilities. Not only can you completely change the basic parameters such as the size of the images, adjust color, saturation, brightness and contrast, but also add some additional elements in the form of graphics or personally entered text and notes, arrows or more characters of this type.

And certainly the most interesting and exciting things in this software product, is the presence of the automatic naming your files. Of course, by and large, this news is not, however, in many cases, eliminates the devising of the file name again and again. Needless to say that the program is monitoring the files created previously, even if they have been removed. Basically, the program is still good and that supports the most common and popular image formats such as jpg, gif, png or bmp.

download-greenshot-windowsAlmost largely similar program even with some simple GUI tool, but allows the use of some additional visual effects. Well, for example, to take at least, the effect of darkening the image.

The only thing that somewhat precarious and distressing is the fact that the program is constantly hanging in the system tray. To call it you must click on the icon it is in that location. In other words, the application just continuously working background, which is undesirable for several systems with a small amount of RAM, or a low frequency of the processor. Plus, for the application to work correctly you must have installed Microsoft .NET Framework. Although, if it is not, when you install the app will offer to download it. And then, be sure, you will need access to the Internet. Although, with modern communication possibilities, it seems, is not a particular problem.