Gumbleville Launcher is a tool that changes the Windows interface offering something simpler, suitable for children and young and old.

The tool basically creates a remaining isolated environment of the Windows interface and offers only a few apps and essential settings. With this, you make sure that the person who uses your PC will not unset nothing or end up lost in complex menus and icons.

This alternative desktop of Gumbleville Launcher brings icons, text and very large menus for easier viewing and drawing attention needed for important items. On the screen background, you can see a basic version of the taskbar, where you can access more basic productivity apps, such as WordPad, others allow you to make notes, surf the web or listen to music.

Everything is well prepared to not let the Windows interface intimidate the novice user or not mastered the written language proficiency. It is worth noting, however, that the Gumbleville interface Launcher is all in English, but, as there is little text at the expense of visual elements, this should not be a big problem.


Features Of Gumbleville Launcher

Gumbleville Launcher is a great solution for those who want to teach children or the elderly to use the computer. The tool basically creates an alternative desktop, thus bringing a more simple and straightforward graphical environment. You get only the essential apps, and all system options are hidden so that his apprentice not unset nothing.

The most interesting is that the Gumbleville Launcher creates very large and intuitive icons to draw the user's attention. With this, one can more agility and security to interact with the computer.

In regards the visual aspect, however, we can say that Gumbleville Launcher is very primitive. There is not much advanced graphics or animations as agile as Windows itself. This happens because the Gumbleville Launcher not actually a computer program, but a well advanced interactive PowerPoint presentation. You will click on the graphics, and they give commands to Windows to perform tasks and real apps.

Because of this, the performance of this alternative interface is not very good even on the fastest machines. The display of menus and the foreclosure tasks is always very slow, and the system always makes security questions when you open something for the first time. However, to help novice users to be introduced to your computer, Gumbleville Launcher can be very helpful. Therefore, it is worth testing.

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