IcoFX - quite an interesting application for creating and editing icons, which are assigned to certain types of files, and for which, thanks to the specific image, you can always determine the format of the selected file. By and large, the program is a unique editing software has many features and capabilities.

Key Features IcoFX

Let's start with the fact that the program is distributed absolutely free and has no restrictions on the terms and conditions of use. The very same feature set of this software is very diverse. What can I say, if only one graphics process in the form of icons provided more than forty specialized effects.

The application interface is quite simple and intuitive. The entire process of this type of image formation and the end result is almost completely automated, besides, all the basic tools and effects are arranged in a side panel in the main window.

Among the effects of simplicity and functional image processing program is not limited thereto. Ease of use is also in the fact that create icons and assign them to specific file types from the possible schedules of any type. In other words, it is elementary, you can import your own photo, and then deal with it in a few clicks, to create the final result in the form of icons. Then, will simply view the properties of the file that you want to associate this icon, and assign it to. Here we are faced with another unique feature. This is especially true if the program works in Windows operating systems, Vista and 7. It is evident in the fact that since the release of Windows Vista, supports the ability to view the icons translucent type. In this case, and the creation and editing of transparency program allows quite simple. And, of course, there is the possibility of laying additional effects. You just have to turn on your imagination and combinations you can think of, is a virtually unlimited number.

No less interesting is the fact that the application, unlike many photo editors, you can open and edit multiple files at once. Therefore, the process of copying, cutting and pasting some fragments produced much faster.

In conclusion, we note that the software was designed, apparently, is for fans to create their own unique shortcuts for files of a certain type. Of course, the majority of users never think too much about what kind of icons can be changed beyond recognition. However, if you have a great imagination, then this program is for you. It is worth to try once and, in all likelihood you from it is called already "behind the ears not ottyanesh."


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