iConto- one of the few programs that allows full remapping icons of files and programs responsible for their treatment with the standard to any other. Application, of course, has its own built-in set, but it's nothing compared with collections of graphic files that you can use at their own discretion.

Key Features iConto

Using seems quite straightforward. The interface itself implies some sort of explorer or any type of shells, in which, in fact, and will be able to select the desired icon to assign a particular program, as well as several types of files. In general, there is no need to go far. Enough to choose the image file, the program will automatically handle it and assign the necessary icon specified in the course of the program or file.

Most interesting is that you can assign icons completely any type of files or folders. Among the supported program files, first of all, it is worth noting ICO, CUR, ICL, PNG or resource DLL, EXE, and many others. Another interesting feature of this application is its cross-platform. The fact that the program is correctly running on different operating systems and can use their own set of icons included in the base distribution. In other words, you can select the layout of icons in the same OS Windows.


Actually, this program features and limited. However, do not underestimate this software. You understand that for those who like to experiment or to decorate your desktop absolutely non-standard way, this opens field of activity in which you can apply all their imagination. Moreover, special knowledge or skills, just the same, is not absolutely required. The program can be fully used by anyone, it is far from understanding the operating principle of this type of application. Simply put, select what you want to see as an icon, and then the program will do everything for you.

Oh, and one more thing. If you reassign icons in no way made remapping software designed to work with files related formats or any software components. Roughly speaking, the only change is the image used to identify any type of file. So, use of health. Especially pleased to note that this software is distributed for free and has no time limits or conditions of installation and use.