duplicate or temporary files, compressed images or infrequently used applications are some of the villains responsible not only exhaust the memory of the various devices; these data lead to blame, too, by truncating the performance even devices that have stocky hardware.

How about, then, improve the performance of your iPad, iPad or iPod Touch through a service able precisely to eliminate redundant or expendable files? With iMyfone even the exclusion of Apps or images that bite off most of iGadget memory can be executed without headaches. Connect your iOS to PC (Windows or Mac), start the diagnosis and perform the cleaning in minutes!


Caution: for iMyfone to function properly with the Windows machines, iTunes must be rather installed.

Perform system cleaning on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is easy: just connect the device to your computer and wait for gadget ID. Then, the analysis may be started; wait a few minutes and choose, finally, the types of files to be deleted.

There are three types of class action: "Home", the scanning can be done in "Junk Files", the categories of data to be deleted can be selected, and "Temporary Files", a report on the done cleaning it is displayed. To a gas more to your gadget iOS is easy, right?


Features Of iMyfone

iMyfone a practical application is not only dedicated to clean the system by removing the expendable files; through it, even the performance of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be optimized. The highlight of the software is its way of functioning: just connect a iGadget to your computer, start the scan and then select the data to be deleted.

It deserves attention also support both Mac OS X and Windows system - users who move between platforms will have no problem during the execution of cleaning. In addition, the program can be easily and quickly operated because its interface is not only stylish, but also objective and absolutely clear (the Portuguese, in fact, one of the default language options).

complete reports about iMyfone actions are still available to the user (information on the amount of free space and on the types of removed files can be checked with just one click). What can cause some frustration, however, are the services provided by the free version of the application, which are few - the app management and large images exclusion can be made only at the expense of the paid edition of iMyfone.

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