InfraRecorder - pretty simple universal tool designed to record and copy the optical disc standard CD / DVD. It has many features designed not only to write, but also to work with some formats of images, as well as the conversion of data stored on the disks.

Key Features of InfraRecorder

By and large, the feature set of this application actually does not differ too much from the set of known utilities such direction. Needless to say that the original program is designed specifically for recording or overwrite the contents of optical discs and work with their images. However, it has its nuances.

The program is quite elementary allows recording and reading audio discs using the latest technologies in the field of transcoding audio file formats. It immediately strikes one drawback. The fact that as program is not recommended, though it allows such action. First of all, this is due to the fact that when read audio disc, can be used to preserve the hard drive only with the format WAV. Somewhat confusing is the lack of direct encoding to MP3, because, WAV occupies a lot of space.

InfraRecorderBut with the record and copy the contents of the program on the fly to cope as well as possible. It also supports work with images such as ISO, BIN, CUE. No less important is the recording and mixed CDs, which can include files completely different types. For example, it may be audio files, video or just office documents stored on a carrier. Needless to say, it is possible to use several types of records, including finalization, thus eliminating the further addition of files on optical media. However, if you are using a rewritable disc type RW, data can be erased completely just using the full format or a quick cleaning. You can certainly write and multisession discs, however, you may encounter a problem here, because most DVD-players discs of this type or the data stored on them, just do not see or do not reproduce. However, it's the little things.

Overall, the program is good because it has a very simple interface and control. Each function is before the eyes of a button, eliminating the search for the corresponding commands in the different context menus. These menus can be used to integrate teams Explorer in Windows. By the way, and the interface itself is built on the same principle and supports rapid drag called Drag and Drop. For the average user, who appreciates the ease of use and management, the program will have to be just right.