IObit Malware Fighter - software that is designed to protect your computer against all kinds of threats Malware-type of unwanted or malicious software, which, in many cases, can penetrate into the system. The app has some pretty interesting features and will be useful for a wide range of users.

The Main Features Of IObit Malware Fighter

First, a few words about the principles of the application. The program is based on the use of a unique engine Dual-Core, which allows you to perform many operations to detect malicious software on the driver level. In addition, this software uses the latest cloud technologies, thereby allowing time to prevent the entry of various types of computer threats, as well as get rid of them or simply block. Cloud technologies provide yet another convenience. The fact that the protection is based on data received from other registered members of the community in real time.

The process of scanning and protection has several modes - "Smart" scan, Full scan and Custom scan. In addition, since the program is designed to work in real time, in the main application window displays all available security modules. These include: protection at startup Browser security, network security, file protection, protection Cookies, protection processes, the protection of USB-drives and threat protection. It is the presence of all these components and provides comprehensive protection for computer system from multiple threats available in various types of spyware and malicious codes.

As you can see, the program is able to control even the startup processes, thus allowing to avoid run malicious programs and applications at the start of the whole system. In addition, quite a powerful system and real-time protection, which monitors threats received files Cookies, which in turn will help the user to protect themselves when using the Internet using a particular browser. An equally important element is the protection against network threats and threats that are on removable USB-drives. In addition, the application monitors and changes occurring in the file system that enables timely stop of a process associated with the work of the threat detected. Through the use of deep heuristics and cloud technology, the program allows you to detect and block malicious software in the initial stage, when it has not yet had time to work and cause any harm to your computer and the information stored on it.


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