IrfanView is small in size but powerful tool for viewing image files and work with them. He has a fairly wide range of features, many of which are standard, and some are not available to other program of its kind. Especially impressive is the impressive list of supported formats.

Key Features Of IrfanView

To begin with a few words about the installation package. Together with language and additional modules it is slightly less than 11 MB. Crack and plug-ins are installed separately, but, I think, for many it is not a problem. Plug-ins need to expand the number of perceived formats.

For example, the program itself recognizes the format of graphics, audio and video ANI, BMP, CUR, CLP, DIB, DCX, CPT, ICL, EMF, DLL, EXE, ICO, IFF, LBM, PBM, PCD, PCX, PGM, PNG , PPM, PSD, TGA, TIF, TIFF, TXT, WMF, AIF, AU, WAV, SND, MID, AVI, ASF, MPG, MPEG, WMA, WMV. After installing the added opportunity to work with such formats as B3D, CAM, CRW, CR2, DCM, ACR, IMA, DDS, DJVU, IW44, DXF, DWG, HPGL, CGM, SVG, ECW, EPS, PS, PDF, FITS, FPX , FSH, G3, HDR, ICS, JP2, IMG, J2K, JPC, KDC, JPM, LWF, LDF, Mac PICT, QTIF, MNG, JNG, MRSID, SID, DNG, EEF, NEF, MRW, ORF, RAF, DCR, SRF, PEF, X3F, NLM, NOL, PIC, NGG, RAS, PSP, RAW, SUN, SFF, RLE, SGI, SFW, SWF, RGB, WAD, TTF, WBMP, WAL, XPM, XBM, MP3, MED, RA, OGG, MOV.

Moreover, the program not only allows you to view and edit files in part of such formats, it can even record it all on wheels without the use of specialized tools for burning. Moreover, the recording can be saved slideshow format executable EXE or, in the format screensavers SCR. In slideshow mode, and may display the comments and the information recorded in the source file.

Naturally, the program provides some standard operations with images. This can be rotate, resize, copy, and so on. D. However, the application allows, so to speak, extract icons from files such as EXE or DLL, and then process them is capable not on each application.

And of course, the program quietly working to obtain images from a scanner. Moreover, there is a complete standards support TWAIN. In addition, it is possible to batch change file formats as well as easy and quick creation of web pages from multiple images.

So, this software is one of the best in the field sovey and no doubt will appeal to many users, whether novice user or professional, the more that there is a support and music, and video formats.


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