Java Runtime Environment 7 - cross-platform application designed for work programs written in the universal language Java. What is most interesting, this environment was created to work in any of the operating systems on computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Even goes so far that the software allows you to use a variety of Java-programs even on the most common mobile phones.

Main Features Of Java Runtime Environment 7

For a start it is worth noting that it is not to be confused and program execution environment of the application. The fact that the Java Runtime Environment Program, as such, is not. It's more of a certain region, in which the execution of programs. Cross-platform versatility lies in the fact that any application written in programming languages, the lower and middle level, may simply be recompiled using code language Java.


At the time, Sun Microsystems has adopted a brilliant decision to implement the platform in all computer technology. It is not surprising that to date platform support JRE is an integral part of any computer or mobile device.

With regard to the main features of the platform, you must pay tribute to the developers, they have managed to implement it in all areas of computer technology. Look at the variety of games and applications for the same mobile phone is created using this runtime. What to look far. The most common mobile games, mind you, just phones, not smartphones with operating systems on board, work well in this environment. And we are not talking about a variety of applications that belong to the class and office applications. In the Java environment have become quite popular even office applications such as Word bkb Excel. Of course, they, in most cases, do not provide the user with the huge set of tools and features that are included in the basic software package. Nevertheless, viewing and simple editing of files are at the highest level.

Another seemingly unexpected area of ​​the use of Java-based applications become and GPS-navigation. In this case, the user is no longer what else need to use "iron Navigator" with all the available options. To date, there is a huge mass of programs that allow you to do without all this. It is clear that when you use the navigator to pay for traffic and paving the route is not necessary. In this case requires an Internet connection, but the pay is minimal according to the type of traffic use programs that are instant messengers.

In general, if we talk about this development environment, even every family of operating systems Windows, Mac OS X or Linux support it, and when you install some software products are encouraged to establish even the newest update Java Runtime Environment to work properly in the end application.