Jetico Personal Firewall - one of the most compact and effective software that protects your computer applications and personal data of the user when working in local or Internet networks. The program was developed by Jetico Inc. Evaluate the possibilities and advantages of this software can be, if you download Jetico Personal Firewall.

Key Features Of Jetico Personal Firewall:

- Security control outbound connections - the program checks the server program to which the user attempts to connect to your PC. If you know that the "host" party is a threat to your computer, the information on it, or work without proper protection of data, such connections are blocked.

- Protecting your computer from malicious external applications - application script provided blocking load data from servers with low levels of information protection, data that can not be identified or scan.

- Defining the rules of networking - this option can be extended to a local area network, which will be determined by the order of the interactions between computers and a priority, priority connection to the Internet. The same principle of structuring work and can be configured at one computer, where the rules are resolved interaction between applications.

- Consideration of network activity, keeping its history - The user can view the registry attempts to establish a connection to the computer from external servers, the local computer.

- Popup notifications - the program can display a message potentially dangerous external connection to a computer or information about blocked attacks on computer or applications on it.

Levels of protection work "Matryoshka". On the lower level is monitored and blocking in the framework of the network packets. The application monitors the reliability and security of network parameters covenants and external counterparties. Given the specificity of a given level of application protection close semblance user's computer for malicious servers, networks. Thus, the hackers just do not see this computer on the network.

At the second level occurs when using applications monitoring network events. When an application tries to establish a connection to an external source, the program analyzes the feasibility and allows or blocks it.

At the third level, the application filters the activity of processes based on user preferences. The program notification and blocking malicious activity external programs.

The modular architecture of the application, the user can apply his maximum capabilities while protecting both application and personal information while working on the network. To start working with the software package, you must download Jetico Personal Firewall free for Windows.

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