Joy Play - one of the newest and most revolutionary players of our time, which allows you to listen to music or watch videos. It is decorated in a way that provides for a variety of topics for decoration appearance, combining many categories inherent in the most famous multimedia player of our time.

Key Features Of Joy Play

Actually, if you look, the program is quite functional. The fact that the weight it adds not only the presence of skins for decoration, but also many additional plug-DSP-modules. For example, the program has a built-in 18-band equalizer. Not many programs can boast of such a tool. Those WinAmp or AIMP have at their disposal much less functionality regarding improvements and additional sound processing.

Basically, this player is designed to use graphical interface, although some functionality may surprise even the advanced user. In addition to a huge selection of skins you can use, for example, the possibility of taking screenshots of the screen during video playback. The picture itself is stored in a fairly high resolution. Moreover, to take a video screen, you can, just by clicking the appropriate button in the menu. Another interesting feature of this software is the presence of function redirection file associations. You just do not need to go to the context menu of operating systems Windows, in the same Explorer, causing the file properties, and produce original association with the use of built-in tools. It's so easy job, it is simply impossible to imagine.

But the cons of this software player are also present. First of all, this is due to the lack of distribution or in the installation of portable versions of codecs and decoders needed to play audio and video. Even the developers of this software is highly recommended, at least, K-Lite Codec Pack, not to mention the more professional products, which include advanced features used in the latest operating systems, including Windows 7, or 8.

In general, multimedia software tool behaves very adequately at the highest level. Plug-processing means output signal, for example, even the bass boost system greatly exceeds not only the analogues themselves operating systems, but many software players, which have been mentioned above. So if you decide to use this software, I think, you will not regret. Of course, it has all the standard features for creating playlists and search for music or video on the Internet. But it is, as they say, is not discussed. And that's why these functions in the article were not considered because they are opportunities that have almost all players of our time.


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