Kantaris Media Player - quite an interesting and unique in its capabilities player, initially focused on playing video files without additional installation of related codecs and decoders. However, audio is presented in height, since here supports almost all known formats.

Key Features Of Kantaris Media Player

If we talk about the program itself, then immediately it is worth noting that it is based on the support of technology player VLC. These technologies allow you to play any video format known. Most interesting is that it is made without the use of third-party tools, which include the need to install drivers decoding. Even K-Lite installation is required, because the software itself contains in its distributions for everything you need.

The possibilities of this software player is quite interesting as include some features that are appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers of processing audio or video signal. For example, in the player can set the sound processing using an equalizer or DSP-modules, allowing to achieve reorientation sound in space. Videos can also be processed, as you please. The fact that there can even change the frame rate, the so-called Frame Rate. Moreover, it is done, that is, on the fly, without the need for third-party professional video processing signal.

download-kantaris-media-player-0-7-9-latest-version-pcWhat else can be noted. So it is that the program is distributed free of charge and is open source. Anyone can download the original code written using the C ++ language directly from the official website of the developer. Then, on your own, you can even change the program itself and add to her own improvement. But this is, frankly, only by people familiar with the creation of this type of programming and programming languages ​​in particular. Nevertheless, this situation is only respect. Not only that, the producers themselves have invested in the development of this program so much work, they also gave an opportunity for all enthusiasts to improve the set of features and capabilities of this software.

With regard to the supported formats here pleasantly pleased with the support MP3, WMA, OGG, MIDI, AAC, AC3, MP4 and FLAC, which largely contributes to the promotion of this player as a means of audio playback. And do not pay attention to the fact that some, describing the player, saying that it is designed primarily for video. In fact, it is an absolutely versatile and will not leave indifferent any user who appreciates not only the quality of play, but also instant treatment facilities or improving the audio video signal go.