If you often forget to do the updates of their programs on the PC, do not worry: Kaspersky Software Updater exists precisely to solve this problem.

In summary, this application search any available updates for the tools of your computer - is a program that you use frequently or a smaller software you had forgotten that was installed on your machine. Each found item is shown in a list; is for you, of course, select which updates you want to do.

Moreover, Kaspersky Software Updater does not have any secret. Just click "Update Selected" for the program to take care of the facilities. In seconds, your entire computer will be with the most advanced version of its software.

Leaving after

Kaspersky Software Updater also brings a simple addition, but very welcome, which can save you from losing data from an open application just because it's time to update it. Instead of closing the program automatically, against their will, the software notifies you whenever there is any active software conflict with the installation, with a warning as to what can be seen below.

This message, it is worth noting, remains active until you close the program highlighted in the notification. If you want, you can force any other software open to be updated by clicking "Stop all"; already prefer to wait, just click "Refresh when possible" for the software to wait until the application is idle.


Features Of Kaspersky Software Updater

Kaspersky Software Updater does not take the name of one of the most famous anti-virus developers wonder. Even for a Beta stage application, the software already has a ton of content, while presenting an extremely simple experience of use.

Much of this is due to the application interface, which impresses with its modern look. Thanks to it, using Kaspersky Software Updater does not ask almost no effort: you pretty much just need to wait for the program to find the updates, choose which ones do and let the program take care of the rest yourself.

The speed of the entire upgrade process is another point on which the Software Updater does well. Even with almost ten updates to be made, the program took just over a minute to finish - and that considering the times he stopped to give his warnings asking that an application was closed. There is no denying that it's fast.

It should be noted, however, that Kaspersky Software Updater is not in Beta for nothing. In our tests there were applications that, although found by the browser, simply were not successfully updated while other outdated software already installed on the PC gone unnoticed by the update application.

This does not mean that Kaspersky Software Updater is weak. On the contrary, for a software still in development, the program has shown very efficient, and really makes life easier for those who do not want to have to do the update of a dozen applications manually.

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