Light Alloy - free media player audio and video files, having a very small size, however, is quite functional. Apparently, it is more designed to play video file name, rather than audio. However, the video features of this player are invaluable.

Key Features Light Alloy

This software player is available in three versions, it can be used in completely different situations. This Light Alloy Standart - standard version, Light Alloy Lite - Lite version (without codecs) and Light Alloy Portable - Portable version. It goes without saying that it is better to install the standard version. However, if the system already has a package of codecs and decoders, for example, K-Lite Codec Pack or set of codecs for Windows Vista or 7, you can use and lightweight version. And, of course, of course, how to use a portable version, running it from any removable media.

As the functionality of the software, among the supported formats are presented ASF, AVI, DAT, M1V, M2V, MPE, MPEG, MPG, MOV, QT, MP3, MID, WAV, as well as full support for DVD. When watching a video, you can use the zoom function, positioning, and full-screen viewing. On top of that player supports multiple subtitles. Also, use can change the speed of browsing. Variations can be quite a lot, including double or even acceleration, deceleration tenfold. At the same time, the program is present, and the function frame playback. When cataloging files with option of creating a table playing with sorting files, for example, by genre and creating labels.

With regard to management, it can be done with the remote control. In addition, it is worth noting that the program is fairly simple intuitive interface and supports about 10 languages.

Installation of this software distributions rather small and occupy about 20-25 MB.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the program behaves quite correctly even on slower machines by today's standards. Probably, it is for them, and it is designed, because the load on system resources, substantially absent. This, in principle, is a great advantage. Yes, and management of the program is quite simple. Especially because, in practice, all the settings are fully automated. Users simply have to go into the jungle of audio-video settings. The app does it for you. Therefore, it is recommended to install and it is for users who value simplicity and quality with minimal time and effort.


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