LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) - freeware music software for the operating system Linux, which is a free alternative to the well-known program, FL Sudio. However, despite its purpose in terms of the operating system, and there is a special installation package that allows you to operate the studio and on the platforms of Windows.

Key Features Of LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio)

The first thing that catches the eye after the first turn, it's very similar to the organization of FL Studio interface and a built-synth modules. In the main window there is a special tool for the creation of short fragments, called patterns. It has exactly the same form as in the case of FL Studio. Rhythmic patterns or notes can be applied, either in the form of individual marks on the track or using the keyboard. If necessary, all the material can be displayed on a big piano keyboard (Piano Roll), which is regulated not only the note, but also its volume, delay, pan, etc.

To create a complete composition patterns are combined in a certain sequence. For this purpose the editor songs (Song Editor), in which the patterns are arranged in sequence as for what should sound. For mixing and mastering software LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) uses a 64-channel mixer, in which each track can be applied independent effects or use a package-type effects Send Effect. Naturally, there is also a master track, which is responsible for the overall volume and sound effects throughout the songs on the output.

As for the built-in software LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) synthesizers, there are several. Moreover, many of them resemble those same units of FL Studio. Among them there are: Audio FileProcessor - conventional sampler, Bit Invader - drawing waveforms by hand, Kicker - percussion synthesizer, LB302 - truncated analog synthesizer Roland TB303, Mallets - percussion synthesizer, Organic - organ synthesizer, Pat-Man- szhipler patches for GUS (.pat) , SingerBot - speech synthesizer, Triple Oscillator - analogue synthesizer 3xOSC and sintaztor Strings Vibed.

Unfortunately, the main package of the program LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) no connection module VST-plugin called Vestige, but it can be included in the assembly when ordering or downloaded separately.

download-lmms-linux-multimedia-studio-for-windows-xp-7-8-pc-155615616541645In general, the application LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) looks pretty decent, although, according to some musicians and specialists in the field of music on your computer, compared with FL Studio, the capabilities of this software product is slightly lower, n much. Moreover, unlike the "fruit", the program LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) is absolutely free.