Maxthon is a new generation of Internet browsers that are designed to ensure that at least speed up and minimize work on the Internet. On assurances of developers, he has the most high speed in comparison with well-known giants like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

Key Features Of Maxthon

Danae software belongs to the category of the youngest. However, this does not mean that they have inherited the old functional features characteristic of previous generations of browsers.

Just as in many programs of this type can be quite easy to work with web pages, viewing their content, as well as to use the add-in, say, a flash player to view the same video. Also, as in many browsers, this application has a system of tabs, which offer content sites.

However, the program, as opposed to the software of this kind has its unique features. Firstly, it refers to "Favorites." In this case, you just make it cost his account on the official website of the program, that is, create, and all your favorite sites will be available at the start of the program from any computer. Simply put, you enter your login and password on the website of the program and get full access to the sites that interest you most.

The second interesting and very distinctive feature of the application is the control system. The thing is that the browser is built in such a way that it can respond to mouse gestures. In the original buildings, there are several types of mouse movements, for which certain functions are fixed. This could be the opening page, the closure of the site, switching to a new tab, and so on. D. If desired, the system settings, you can set your options. This whole process is carried out by means of a click on the right mouse button. In this case, you get the opportunity to work in the management of the Internet, which is not peculiar to any program of this kind.

Everything else, the program has a very powerful filter that blocks (as well as anti-virus, unwanted sites containing various kinds of Trojans or malicious codes), and naturally, this program contains a unique System antiphishing.

Actually, I must say though the program is relatively new and unusual, however, it is quite original and has features that none of the currently known Internet browsers can not afford.

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