Media Player Classic is one of the non-standard varieties of media player, which is part of any operating systems Windows, starting with the 1998 version. The possibility of its somewhat different from the standard player that is available for use directly from the main menu.

Main Features Of Media Player Classic

Few people know that the Windows operating systems, there are two media player, differing most that neither is on, dramatically. Of course, in the latter two systems, Windows software capabilities are almost identical. However, if we look a little deeper, we can immediately notice that the classic version of the player does not have some advanced settings as an equalizer enhances the sound. On the other hand, although a classical player can play audio, most designed to work correctly with video files.

download-media-player-classic-for-pc-windows-xp-7-8-10-54561155Several peeping into the past, we can confidently say that the original player in the operating system by default was not able to open some video files, for example, contained a VCD with the extension DAT. The main player they just did not understand even when using the "Open with ...", this type of file is played not always, but with Media Player Classic no such problems were observed absolutely never.

As for the location of the software file is responsible for the discovery of this application, even a person who knows, is not always able to find it. In most cases, operating systems, it is called mplayer2.exe. And it is absolutely not where many users tend to look for him, that is on drive C, in the Program Files folder to look for it is absolutely useless. It is located in the root folder of Windows, but still much is hidden in the System32. That is what makes it difficult to find this application because, starting with operating systems such as XP, access to system folders and files by default limited. Of course, one can use the search and find this file, however, not everybody knows its name, as mentioned above.

Another problem of using this file is that the label of the program does not appear in either the context menu. Even when choosing the opening of any size manually in the list of programs you'll never see the icon of this application.

download-media-player-classic-for-pc-windows-xp-7-8-10-154165131321Actually, if you look, the program, though not has some additional features in the form of sound effects, video works much better than the standard model of the player, which is present in the stationary set of operating system. Here is a somewhat obscure question of why the programmers of Microsoft Corporation created two completely non-identical software product, the classic version is put away so far that a normal user would find it hard enough. Moreover, not many people know the fact that the classic player in principle does not require installing additional codecs and decoders, but the main product is simply imperative.