Midori Web Browser- one of the most simple, but very fast web browser, which was originally developed for use in an environment Xfce, present in the operating system Linux. It is based on the famous engine WebkitGTK + and GTK +. Moreover, it is absolutely not burden system resources.

Key Features Midori

The browser is configured as standard for all programs of this type interface. Its function is, of course, somewhat weaker than that of the same Google Chrome or Opera, but its main advantage is the relatively high speed of operation and loading web pages. Although it was developed for the application and operating system Linux, the program is constantly being developed and improved. To date, already exists and assembly for use in the operating systems Windows. And I must say that the program really deserves attention, as has quite good prospects for development.

download-midori-web-browser-windows-pcA set of tools and capabilities of this software is fairly standard and very much like all the possibilities of this type of application. Naturally, the program supports tabbed can create bookmarks to favorite websites, has complete control over the files Cookie, and also allows you to block ads on web resources using built-in AdBlock. In addition, the application supports the expansion of Netscape and has quite a nice and simple interface that you can customize on your own. For example, the side panel can be moved to another part of the screen, supports quite a number of style and design, in general, full customization of the interface. Among other things, it does pretty well runs Java-scripts and applets. Toolbars are configured quite simply. You can add icons and icons of various kinds of plug-ins and additional extensions. In addition, the possibility of full synchronization with Maemo when installed on the mobile device. Of course, there is full support for changing the size of the text that is present at a particular site. Pretty interesting feature is the Speed ​​Dial (speed dial) for making calls. And, of course, the program is fully customizable search using multiple criteria.

Overall, the program is pretty decent to use, especially when you consider its high-speed operation. Of course, it does not in any way be compared with the giants in this field, however, for the average user, using the fastest Internet surfing suit, could not be better.