Miro is a free, open source software, which was developed for full-screen viewing of HD video. However, only this purpose it is not limited thereto. The application has a number of additional and unique features that are not found any more water program of this kind.

Key Features Of Miro

First of all, it should be said that in addition to watching streaming video on the Internet, the program provides users with services and viewing Internet Television. Resources streaming video presented quite diverse. This includes a lot of popular sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Blogdigger and many others. Not only that, you can watch the video in full screen mode, the program has a search function and even download videos from the World Wide Web. Moreover, the injection can be made on the protocols HTTP, RSS and BitTorrent. The latter should gladden many fans torrent trackers. After all, they often are a huge amount of video material (even pirated copies). However, the load on the BitTorrent protocol performed much faster. In addition, as have probably understood the application has full support for video RSS feeds. Injection organized quite not bad. At any time, the user can pause or re-start all downloads from the selected channel, taken separately or download all uploads simultaneously. Upload files can be combined into videopleylisty using different sorting criteria. This, so called, the function works with selected video files.

download-miro-windows-xp-7-8-8-1-pc-654656451511Interestingly, a system search. For convenience, you can save the theme video in the extended search and, upon receipt, to receive new material of this kind.

If we talk about the player playable video formats, it is worth noting that it works equally well with files DivX, Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, AVI, XVID and many others.

As for Internet TV, the program provides the user with more than 6,000 Internet TV programs and video podcast. Naturally, not many programs in this area capable of such.

download-miro-windows-xp-7-8-8-1-pc-564654154656In conclusion, I would like to say that the program is unique. Judge for yourself, because it combines the functionality of multiple applications in one package. Here you and play streaming video, and search and downloader, video and RSS, and Internet TV, and a video player. What other program has such a wide range of possibilities? Thus, for all these actions better program you simply will not find. And, even though the installation file "weighs" just over 39 MB, believe me, this software is worth it.