Mixxx is an audio software with open source software, which was created, so to speak, DJs for DJs. That's why the program Mixxx is one of the easiest to use. In it there is a simple set of tools that you may need a modern disc jockey. However, there are disadvantages too.

Key Features Of Mixxx

With regard to the main features, you should start with the support of the major audio formats, among which there are MP3, OGG, WAV and FLAC. If your computer has pre-created playlists formats M3U or PLS, which are stored in other programs, they can also be loaded into the application.

The application interface Mixxx, as usual, is a double deck, which, in fact, made the mix. Cerda has a complete set of tools to synchronize tracks by tempo that allows you to "stretch" or "compress" the audio file without changing the pitch. In addition, you can use a special determinant of pace. Synchronization can be done, as in the visual mode, so to speak, at the hearing, and using the capabilities of the program Mixxx. The latest release of the software Mixxx appeared quite serious support all kinds of MIDI-controllers, and was improved interface that received the optimization program for use on laptops.

As for the cons of the program Mixxx, they are few. Unfortunately, the virtual decks are completely absent in the form of the old "turntables", on which many DJ had the opportunity to create their own scratches. This function is to replace some faders. Record, it is unclear why, may only be made in the format WAV. This is somewhat inconvenient for machines with hard drives of small volume, because the file format takes a lot of space.

download-mixxx-windows-pc-4445But, there is a set of EQ, and crossfading, as well as the possibility of multi-channel audio capture. No less important is the fact that the new version of the application Mixxx is optimized for multi-core processor support and accelerate using the OpenGL capabilities of the module and can even run on platforms such as Universal OS X 10.4+ with 64 bit architecture. In addition, the obvious improvements can be seen in the use of opportunities Stanton SCS.3d, SCS.1m, Hercules MK2 and RMX.

In general, the program Mixxx makes a good impression. This is especially noticeable when using it in real time on a low-power computers, when, as a rule, requires the mobilization of all the computing power of the computer.