Mozilla Firefox Portable is the portable version of the famous free web browser Firefox. It contains all the basic features and functions, which, to date, offering fixed version. Web surfing can be done just as easily as using the installed programs.

Main Features Of Mozilla Firefox Portable

As is clear, Mozilla Firefox Portable does not require installation on your hard drive. The application can be used with any removable media, whether ordinary flash drive, CD or removable storage card.

The program, as is sometimes said, differs enviable "prytkost" because loads web pages very comfortable. Work with these tabs quite comfortable even at partial load, or availability of the site on the page a large number of embedded objects. And just as in the stationary version, available to work with the tabs in the main window.

With respect to security, it is also level. Even when running on another computer, using a portable version of the application, you can absolutely not worry about security, because, in the determination of potential threats in the form of trojans, malware or spyware, the resource will be blocked.

download-mozilla-firefox-portable-pcThe interface is standard, however, if desired, can be easily changed, thanks to the support of a huge number of skins and add-ons. And in the same way, the program can be integrated modules that provide additional advanced features for the World Wide Web. For example, it may be a comparison of the graphics, video or audio content specific programs designed for their reproduction (eg, various media players).

As for the file, program, by modern standards it is quite small - just over 24 MB. This is understandable, because it includes all the program files that are in the standard installer, are "packed" form. However, by using removable media, it is not a problem, since modern flash memory devices are designed for a much more substantial amount.

So, the only thing that remains when dealing with packaged applications, just customize it according to their needs and tastes. Well, after that, they say, full speed ahead on a journey across the expanses of the Internet.