Mozy is a rather interesting, unusual and unique software, which primarily created to administer computers and backup to restore the data. The main distinguishing feature of this software is that the backup is saved on the server developer of this application.

Key Features Of Mozy

First of all, it is worth noting that for the backup from which you can recover the data, for example, after a full Crush systems do not require any additional services or copying a copy of any kind of rigid media, including myself hard drive, CD or DVD-drives, and removable USB- device and flash memory. All that is necessary for the correct operation of the program, it's just a quality connection to the Internet. After all, it is backing up data is transmitted to the server developer. Note that such a copy will not be saved even on a hard drive or a virtual memory of the computer and can be accessed from anywhere in the world where you can find the usual connection to the Internet using a local area network, virtual networks or WI-Fi routers.

If we talk about the interface of the program, it is quite simple. Most of the functions is what is called a hand. So learn how to use this software can anyone not even the most advanced user. With regard to the configuration settings of the program, they are almost completely automated.


If you understand, then, by and large, this utility is not only one of the easiest to use, but also quite versatile because, uses so-called cloud computing as a file storage and refers only to the remote server. In principle, this approach is not anything particularly new in the world of computer technology, however, to backup data on remote servers to date, very few people guessed. And that's what puts the program into the category of the most popular and sought-after products of modernity. Judge for yourself, you can always access the backup, even if accidentally prowess on your home terminal some important programs or files. It is clear that if there was a complete failure of the system, restore it from a backup copy stored on a remote server, you do not get. However, you can always download a copy from another computer and need to write to any removable media from which later and you can make a full recovery required information.