MSD Passwords is a password manager can store your login information in all kinds of web platform.

With this, you do not need to remember your username or password every time you want to access certain sites. You just need to keep in your memory just a password, the MSD Passwords, and from it, access all your social networks, email accounts, internet banking etc.

The program is a more secure alternative to password banks in your browser. That's because, when you store your information in the program, it encrypts this data and only allows access when the master password is entered.

Web browsers, however, do not usually show their information to strangers, but anyone who has access to your PC can log in your online accounts through them without any hindrance.

MSD Passwords, in turn, has the encryption system and, when you go out the front of the PC to do something else, the software identifies the inactivity and blocks the window, preventing others from having access to your data while you He is distracted.


Review Of MSD Passwords

MSD Passwords is a tool that allows you to protect your passwords in a more secure way than simply save the browser. The app allows you to access your bank cons, social networks, email and other online services without having to remember passwords for all of them. Only a master password should be appointed to protect the program content with encryption.

MSD Passwords interface is not of the simplest. She brings a lot of little explanatory icons and the general organization of elements on the screen could be simpler and appreciate the intuitiveness. However, giving a quick poke around the window, you'll soon understand how everything works. In contrast, the look is very dated, giving the impression that we are dealing with Windows 2000.


Even with that can undermine a little confidence in the user program, MSD Passwords is, for all purposes, insurance. We found no obvious way to how someone could break into the app, and all passwords are stored in encrypted form. That is, unless someone has your master password, you can not get what was saved with it.

In our tests, the program worked well, with no time to slow or crash. Thus, we can say that it is worth doing a test with the app. Still, as it was made by an unknown developer, it is best to use it with caution at first to not have bad surprises in the future.


Saves passwords and users of any website
Guard content with encryption


ugly and complicated interface than necessary

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