MSI Afterburner - one of the best and popular programs among overclockers, which, in fact, created by one of our fellow by the name of Alex Nikolaichuk. This utility is intended primarily for very fine-tune the video card. Note that people who developed this utility, at the time and was the creator of the infamous program Riva Tuner.

Main Features Of MSI Afterburner

At first glance, the program may seem simple utility that technology in the computer world has divorced a lot. However, on closer inspection, any user, especially relating to the category of gamers and overclockers, change your opinion about it is absolutely dramatically.

What is meant modern computer games? First of all, a strong processor, enough RAM and a powerful graphics chipset. Often it is the mismatch card can lead to the fact that this or that game on the computer simply will not work. Modern games that use the technology 3D- graphics, imply not only high system requirements, but also the presence of the corresponding "iron".


The video card in this case takes, I think, the leading role, for it is only by its capacity depends on graphics and video playback. And not all games or applications using graphics card, allow to fine-tune. Games provide the user with a maximum range of graphic mode, that is, practically, the standard display screen using the monitor settings. This same tool is capable of much more. With its temperature can bre controlled even GPU cooler and all possibilities, which is responsible for the cooling system.

In fact, MSI Afterburner is popular for several reasons. intuitive interface, and not overloaded. Second, the person develops this software has psychology resident post-Soviet space, naturally, he tried to do it all as clear to users at all levels could deal with it without any problems. And for overclockers find it at all. It is clear that a person who has studied the maps nVidiaRiva, can not know what are the chipsets that level, and how they can be customized.