Multi Commander is one of the most versatile file manager, which is built in the image of the old grandfather Norton. By and large, the interface and all of its features is very similar to many of the applications of this type.

Key Features Multi Commander

As is clear, the interface is presented in the form of two windows in which you can perform all basic operations with files and folders. Accordingly, the top and bottom are the menu bar to access the main functions. Top panel, as it was already taken since time immemorial, allows to make access to certain operations and settings, while the lower panel, in conjunction with specific keys as hot combination, capable of delivering a set of commonly used functions.

If you look, the program fundamentally no different from the same Windows Commander, FAR Manager or the same Norton Commander. Similarly, as in these programs, there is a built-in text editor, viewer graphic files and directories controls. In addition, it is worth noting a pretty good tool kit that allows for a fairly large number of operations with multimedia files. This includes the export of metadata, editing tags, pre-listening, and more.

In addition, this software provides a fairly serious search capabilities, as well as many features batch files conversion, archive, unlock the data, etc.


The application interface is pretty simple and straightforward especially for those who have ever ever faced with this type of program. Among other things, he adjusted quite easily and quite elementary can be customized based on the needs of a particular user. What is most interesting, the program has even the Quick Launch toolbar, as well as full support for protocols FTP, SSL / TLS, and of course, the manager is absolutely correct with encoding ASCII, UTF8, Unicode, as well as binary and hexadecimal encodings.

But most interesting is that the site developer of this software can be found even a portable version of the program that saves the user from installing the application on your hard drive. In this case, it can be used with any removable media, be it discs, USB-device or a removable memory card.