As is known, the software product Nero, is almost the most powerful tool for dealing with all types of optical discs. Unfortunately, the program itself is a fee, often discourages users of its high cost. Having decided to remedy this situation, the company-developer has released a New version of the product in the form of a truncated version, which was called Nero Free .

The Main Features of Nero Free Trial

No exaggeration to say that many people look forward to the new version as a free product. However, despite the efforts of the development company, after the application Nero Free many appeared disappointed.

Indeed, the software package Nero Free is very different from the original and cut to such an extent that only has 4 main functions: recording optical disks, creating a disk image and then writing, copying discs and cleaning rewritable optical media.

As for recording or copying disks, in this regard the program Nero Free works quite well. In this type of optical media supported CD / DVD / Blu-ray (R / RW). Despite this, many users often have problems with USB-CD-drives.

In addition, the ability to record discs are very different from the original. For example, all wheels absolutely Nero Free program recorded only in the data disc. In other words, to record the normal audio CD-ROM, which will be audio tracks with the extension .cda not possible. So, to create an audio disc will have to record, for example, .mp3 files, or use some other audio format.

And the performance of the application Nero Free causes some users legitimate criticism. Apparently, a few engine program is not finished, because there are cases eject during recording.

On the other hand, if the user does not need the advanced features, but only enough that the program Nero Free can offer in terms of recording and copying disks, its installation will be the easiest solution. Moreover, the application itself on your hard drive space is required at least, and in the process of optical recording media does not load the system so much as the original software. However, to install the program Nero Free or not, each user to decide on their own.


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