Nero MediaHome - pretty serious software product from Nero, which displays the work of media files to a new level. Saying that it's just a studio for working with disks is no longer necessary because, in the arsenal of the possible presence and tools for viewing and editing graphic and video files.

Key Features Of Nero MediaHome

First of all, it is worth noting that the program is absolutely free and has no restrictions on use. If we talk about the basic features in the field working with various optical media, they are practically in all resemble instruments that are present in other software products Nero in this area. Naturally, you can copy CDs, burn CDs on the right information with the creation of the music or video CDs, convert music formats to copy music to the hard drive, and so on. On. This is not new.

But what I would like to mention separately, it will be possible to work with graphics and video. On the one hand, the application may operate as normal file manager functions view the contents of files on the other hand allows to use even some special effects that give originality your design. And even this is not all. The fact that the software package itself is pretty tight integration with the famous video sharing like YouTube and quite serious possibilities my Nero. Add effects to your video or graphics, you can download the program directly from the results of their work in the popular social network.

download-nero-mediahome-2015-windows-45454445114511144445458No less interesting and unique in its own way, is the facial recognition function of people depicted in the photographs. This integrated module by matching image detail can find similar pictures on the Internet (of course, provided that the person depicted in the photo, though time to post their photos on the World Wide Web). The results of such a comparison is not difficult to guess. The program can be a fairly high degree of probability to determine exactly who is depicted in the picture. That and think afterwards, whether to post their photos on the internet ... Generally, a software package is made at a sufficiently high professional level. The only thing that saddens and causes few complaints of users is that the program is able to work with only two types of disk images. This ISO and NRG. At the same Nero Burning ROM recognized format and then more. But, putting aside the slight downside, I must say that this software package is really combines all the best opportunities to work with multimedia files, because avoids the installation of several third-party custom applications for use of certain functions.

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