Nero SoundTrax - a simple program designed for beginners and uninformed users in the creation (writing), editing, processing, and audio information. Of course, this software does not belong to the category of professional, however, allows even the average user to get an idea on the basics of recording and processing of Audi in real time.

Key Features Of Nero SoundTrax

First of all, once we note that the program is designed to fully automate all processes associated with the audio. In other words, the user does not have to choose the level of the recorded signal or volume information. The fact that the software product has a plurality of presets, which can be used in various processes.

As for the interface, it is quite simple. The main program window is a box with a few tracks that display the audio signal from the waveform representation. Actually, such a mapping is present in almost all professional audio editor like Sound Forge, Adobe Audition or Sony ACID Pro. In principle, the process is pretty standard.

If we talk about the record, here it is possible to use external sources, including guitars or microphones. The process itself is fully automated recording. Just connect the external input and press start recording. At the end of the process, the selected track will be the wave form, which then can be edited as desired, using the tools of normalization of growth or decay, as well as several built-in effects such as reverb, chorus, EQ, delay, etc. Actually most standard set. While, on the other hand, the title of the program of professional and is not intended.

download-nero-soundtrax-windows-pc-46511465465124511Actually, if you look, this software package is designed for entry-level users, who will learn to use the basic processes used in professional virtual studio type DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). And we are not talking about a plugin in the form of additional modules. For the first time, just to learn how to use programs of this type at least at the primary level, and impossible to think better. When you fully master all processes of the program and use the basic functions, of course, you can move on to more complex applications, the professional level.