NetBalancer - small free but powerful utility that allows you to distribute traffic not only between individual computers on the local network, but also between different applications running on the local terminal that use the Internet connection in their work.

Key Features NetBalancer

The program is quite large and, to some extent, resemble the applications that use the technology file-sharing networks such as peer-to-peer. The fact that, as in many applications of this type, the emphasis is on the speed limit or impact receiving and priority behavior of an application. The easiest way to limit the application can be considered as setting the maximum and minimum speed limit or the reception and transmission of a certain amount of data. By and large, the use of traffic and all can be disabled.

The very fact that the use of this software is very useful solution not only for ordinary users, but also for LAN administrators. It is they who, in most cases, this program can be useful. Agree, there is nothing to office worker sitting in his place around and, for example, rock, tons of music or video. In addition, in this formulation of the question, especially at the maximum possible number of downloads, it is easily possible to plant and the entire network. This situation can occur when using programs that imply a forced download. Most of them are all sorts of applications such as Download or programs related to booting from the so-called torrent trackers.

download-netbalancer-windows-pcIn principle, the interface assumes the conclusion of the full report on statistics connection not only for applications but also for all the computers in the local network. So, to track downloads, the use of traffic or set any specific limit is fairly simple. Again, this can be very useful in limiting the download, so as not "covered" the entire local network.

On the other hand, the distribution of traffic between running applications must be treated very seriously. You can, for example, limit the operation of the loader, and the first place to bring, say, e-mail clients or instant messengers. You understand that in this formulation of the problem, priority will be given to it last. Most often this situation occurs in small and medium offices that require a fast connection between employees or business partners.