Network Meter - quite an interesting tool designed to maintain a record of incoming and outgoing traffic when connected to the Internet. She Buda useful to all, without exception, users who use compounds such as local area networks, modems or accounts registered on mobile devices.

Main Features of Network Meter

Each user of the World Wide Web, for sure, faced with the fact that it is necessary to have an idea of ​​cheiskoe access to certain resources, especially with the conditions paywall. It is clear that the use of unlimited connection, traffic, in fact, is not considered in access certain content or jump.

Yet still not able to afford the connection of this type, and sometimes even slightly obsolete used connection methods. Of course, we are not talking about modems working with numbers set operator that provides access to the Internet based on technology Dial-up. There was widespread devices such as high-speed ADSL-modem or wireless connections to the local virtual networks such as VPN, or rather, the usual access points such as Wi-Fi.

It is this software allows you to use all the features of such compounds, and to fully control all the parameters. The program is able to give a full report on the use of web indicating any web resource to which the access is made. But all this is possible to trace only if this terminal is not set personal programs that can destroy your internet tracks.


However, we must be fair. Programs originally designed to track the traffic is running, connect to a virtual private network or LAN. In so doing, it can not refuse. Actually, the use of this software is quite simple. You just need to call the main function of the application, which is located either on the main toolbar as a button, either in the main menu access. Monitor caused by this command, he will show how tight you are using your connection. In some cases, the program is capable of delivering even the state to pay for any type of connection. This applies primarily mobile devices. Only in this case will have to use your original username and password. However, I think this particular role, even for the uninitiated user will not play. Basically, it's simple. The interface is designed so that each team itself will tell you what to do or how to use Adelic a particular function.

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