NetWorx - a small but fairly interesting program for accounting Internet traffic and monitor connections on the local computer. First of all, it is designed for use in environments where traffic is limited, exceeding the limit may lead to a complete shutdown of the compound as well as a constant payment incoming and outgoing traffic.

Key Features Of NetWorx

It goes without saying that when it comes to traffic, connecting with no limit, the program is simply not needed. The only option that you can use this tracking actual Internet connection speed or the speed of file downloads.

As for paid limited traffic, everything is different. You are given the opportunity to clearly track the use of traffic indicating several time intervals, for example, a day, a week or a month. This approach is very useful, especially when you see that such use is nearing the limit is exceeded. In this case, you can make timely payment services provider, without waiting for disconnection from the World Wide Web.

I must say that the program is very versatile because, quite correctly works not only with the local wired and virtual wireless networks, but even with modems any modifications. When tracking speed connections can be used such type of mapping charts or bar, which vary depending on the speed in real time. It goes without saying that you can display on-demand and full statistics connection with the set parameters.


In addition to its direct purpose, the program has many additional features related to the search and troubleshooting network connections. Equally important is to track suspicious network activity, thus avoiding the download to your computer or laptop trojans or spyware. And of course, the app has a fairly wide range of options that allow you to perform a complete test of the existing connections. In conclusion I will say that in this software product has its own system of notification and that will not exceed the traffic, as well as identify problems in advance of connection or suspicious network activity.

In general, the program looks pretty impressive. Of course, in recent years have increasingly used unlimited connection, however, for those users who simply do not have it, the program will fit just perfectly.

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