NLite - one of the most interesting programs to remove unwanted accompanying components of any type distributions of operating systems Windows. It goes without saying that the removal of this type of application is made ​​entirely correct in a way that under normal circumstances the ordinary user may be incomprehensible or inaccessible. Of inadequate disposal of any type of component operating system, all of which can affect the most nainegativneyshim way and it is working, and sometimes leads to complete paint.

Key Features NLite

The program is a freeware product and belongs to the category of applications that have no restrictions on the use of terms or agreement with licensing. Functional set of this software is pretty interesting. However, to achieve the full functionality of this app you must have installed the operating system NET Framework version 2.0.


It goes without saying that many ordinary users, some of the software included in the main distribution of Windows, for the most part, almost do not need, because they simply do not use. And how to get rid of all this? You must understand that the removal of many of the components of OSes can effect a bomb, system suddenly freezes and refuses not that function, and even loaded. First of all, we must be careful to remove the software, which can use the kernel in Internet Explorer. Even if you use a third-party Internet browser, when you remove Internet Explorer, many programs that are associated with the use of its nucleus, can also be completely unworkable and isolated from the system. It is in order to prevent this, and created this utility. It allows you to make the most correct uninstall unwanted or unused applications with minimal risk to the entire operating system.

The interface of this software package is very simple and intuitive. Virtually all of the functions associated with processes of removal is automated. The only thing you need to do is copy the distribution files to the hard disk and make a minimum initial settings that are stored in a configuration file. These settings can be used in the future, not only for the removal of components, but also their re-restoration, for example, when you have the original installation disk with the operating system distribution.