Norton Power Eraser was a one of the most powerful software for removing difficult to remove malicious applications that can not be detected by other anti-virus software packages. This applies to various types of spyware, banners or fake pop-up messages.

Key Features Of Norton Power Eraser

To date, unfortunately, cyber criminals are no longer limited to the creation of conventional viruses. There are many programs that force the user unknowingly installed on your computer malicious spyware. Simply put, it looks like this. Appears on the screen, let's say that your computer is infected, and you must immediately do something about it. To do this, proposed to establish a means for the removal of an object. However, the tool itself can be carefully disguised, for example, under antivirus. One of the recent cases was spread a false report of the Security Service of Ukraine with a warning that you viewed child porn. To avoid this message, offered to pay the sum of the n-th and enter the code in the confirmation field. Otherwise there was a danger of the whole system off and attract the user to criminal liability. Most interesting is that the message appears during the boot desktop and the continuation of the work was impossible. It's no secret that many fled immediately pay. One can only imagine how much money the "cut down" scammers on such actions.

However, it is Norton Power Eraser allows you to easily find and destroy such applications. In the program there are two basic modes of operation: Normal and Aggressive. In normal mode scanning of hard drives, and it shows a full list of spyware or malicious software to be deleted. It's simple.

download-norton-power-eraser-free-virus-spyware-removal-tool-pcBut here's Aggressive mode is only recommended in cases where the other actions do not resolve the threat. First of all, this is due to the fact that the utility itself could quite erroneously identify even the normally installed program is malicious. And that is where we must be careful, because you can remove the components and the software application itself simply stop working. Of course, the aggressive detection is a very powerful tool, however, you can use it either on your own risk, or experienced users.

Basically, the program is a pretty powerful tool for removing malicious crimeware (Crimware) type "scareware" or "rogueware". That's just totally incomprehensible is that the manufacturer is not fully thought through the automation system when using aggressive mode. From the producer of powerful antivirus programs or services in Windows operating systems, this is clearly no one expected.