O & O Defrag Free Edition - one of the most advanced tools primarily intended for works defragment your hard disk. Means quite powerful, but this is not limited to its ability, especially if we take into account also the compilation. A defragmentation tools are of particular interest.

Key Features Of O & O Defrag Free Edition

First of all, pay attention to the process of defragmentation. Standard means Windows operating systems complete ordering of files and directories simply do not provide. In this case we are dealing with a totally different technology which allows the application in two basic modes.

On the one hand, it may be customary organize files, and on the other - the optimization of free space on your hard drive. Immediately explain that the usual ordering of files most frequently used programs is reduced only to the fact that they are overwritten in the fastest area of ​​the hard disk, from which, in the first place, in fact, read and performed.

download-oo-defrag-free-edition-pc-windows-xp-vista-7-8In the second embodiment, the program is able to work simultaneously in defragmenter and optimizer. In this case, not only move files, but also made to improve the use of disk space. It is this combination gives the greatest increase in the speed of the operating system as a whole.

Incidentally thus can achieve essentially merge some files of the same type in the array. And this does not affect at least their placement. Moreover, this ordering leads to install the most rapid access, for example, the same file type extension graphics, music or office documents. It goes without saying that the program associated with such formats, run much faster.

In general, this software shows a fairly decent among many competing programs. A particularly interesting solution, as mentioned above, is a dual mode of operation. And he, incidentally, is fully automated. The user does not need to go into the advanced settings to get it all set up. It is enough to choose a mode in the main application window. The rest of this software will do for you. Yes, and the interface is very simple and intuitive. To some extent, many are inclined to say that such an interface with its simple decor and attracts most people, even those who have never experienced this type of software products.