Orbitum - fast and convenient browser with quite useful integration into social networks. One of the main advantages of the browser is a high speed, it loads quickly and as quickly loads the web-pages, even with a large amount of graphics and other information. In the appearance of the browser reigns minimalism - in nothing superfluous and collect only the most necessary function buttons that help you fully enjoy the web-surfing, watching online videos and movies, and over the same chat in popular social networks. Browser appeared relatively recently and is one of the most progressive and dynamic.

Another advantage of the browser is the safe operation of the Internet, which is very useful in our time, when the number of viruses and malware sites and all sorts of threats just rolls. Does Orbitum provides safety while working in a network, automatically scans the sites to which the user enters, and if the threat is revealed, then the browser will notify the user about it and be able to timely block and remove the threat. When does this regularly updated automatically and improves its security system to provide even greater protection for the user.

The main feature and advantage of the browser is a convenient integration into popular social networks. Download Orbitum necessarily need all fans of communication in social networks such as classmates on facebook. Along with the browser Orbitum chat with friends on social networks and make new acquaintances even more convenient. The browser can display a list of friends on the social networks, so you can communicate with them directly, without having to visit the site of social networks. Furthermore, you can filter the friends used to quickly switch between social networks, instantly jump to your account, etc.

download-orbitum-browser-for-windows-mac.bmpBy using this browser, you can read and respond to messages of friends in social networks, even without visiting the site of social networks. For the convenience of the user in the browser, it is possible to filter the users on the status of "online", as well as the ability to create your list of "favorites" for more comfort with friends. According to its reliability does this reminds popular program SRWare Iron, boasts a stable operation without any locked up.

For more convenient web-surfing in the address bar, you can enter the address itself as a site, but you can enter a query. This allows you to quickly go to the site which the user knows, or so very quickly find the information online through a search engine. Does not require any special settings, and if necessary, his work can be easily customized to the needs of any user. If a user has found some flaws in the browser, or he is having some difficulties, you can always ask for help from developers that will help deal with the problem.

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