Panda - simple but effective anti-virus program that provides comprehensive protection for your computer from viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc. Download Panda need all the users who are concerned about the security of your computer and your personal information at work in the World Wide Web, by using removable media, etc. This antivirus software is a reliable barrier, not giving the viruses get into your computer. The program is pretty simple, does not require additional configuration and is suitable even for inexperienced users.

The advantages of the program include the minimum hardware requirements. Some anti-virus software, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for example, can significantly burden the system, which is particularly evident when working on slower computers, whereas Panda Antivirus does not influence the performance of your computer. This antivirus works automatically and effectively identify all the threats, providing a high level of security. The program is no less effectively detects and eliminates spyware.

Panda Antivirus program includes proper antivirus itself, AntiPhishing, AntiSpyware and AntiRootkit, therefore, provides comprehensive protection for your computer and its efficiency can compete on equal terms with such a popular Antivirus as Dr.Web. Developers antivirus constantly modify and improve their creation, so users are always available daily updates, which keep the virus database is always up to date. Panda free and allows you to protect themselves against threats from flash drives, thanks to the tool Panda USB Vaccine.

To ensure maximum safety when web-surfing is used Panda Safe Browser, also known as a "sandbox", which provides security at work in the world wide web. In addition the program provides a personal firewall, which in turn provides safety when working in the wireless network. The program actively seeks various rootkits, which are usually masked threat from anti-virus, so no virus will not go unnoticed and undestroyed. Kaspersky also monitors potentially dangerous sites and warns in case of danger from visiting the resource.

The application interface is the most convenient for the user, so the setup and management Antivirus will understand, even those who are just mastering the basics of the computer work. In the program you can learn about the state of protection found viruses and threats, date of last update, and configure antivirus work without permission. Here you can check for viruses local drive, removable media, individual folders and files. One can always view statistics for a specific period of time, adjust the autonomous protection to schedule updates and checks the computer, etc.