Parted Magic - quite a powerful software package for working with hard drives, different file systems and data recovery in operating systems Linux. Actually, the whole package includes more than 70 separate tools to work and will be very useful for all those users who give preference to these operating systems.

Key Features Parted Magic

First of all, we should not consider this software, solely as a means to work with hard disk partitions or utility for data recovery. In fact, it was conceived and designed as a lightweight package the operating system Linux, which can be used for informational purposes. And, most interestingly, the program is used in two main versions of Live CD and Live USB. In addition, loading can also take place using network connections.

Installation of this software involves copying the contents to your hard drive and then configuring the boot loader. But the most interesting, not even that. The fact that by using such a Live CD distribution at full load, all the contents are copied into RAM. This requires a little more than 300 MB of "RAM". After copying, the disc is ejected automatically, which makes it possible to work with other drives. If the mode is the classic boot, of course, impossible to retrieve the disc. These can be milked reduction of RAM used. In this case, will require about 190 MB of "RAM". Although, in fact, and in the other case, the program operates correctly and stably. The only thing that happens in the second case, an appeal to some reports that have not been copied into RAM, and remained on the Live CD.

As for the main programs, which are part of the whole package, here are the following. This partition editor GParted, a means to work with disk images Partition Image, utility for data recovery boot records TestDisk, editors partition tables Fdisk, Sfdisk, a tool for creating and testing a file system partitions FAT Dosfstools, as well as a utility for working with the file system NTFS Ttfsprogs. Although, this is not all of the tools that are present in this software package. Among other things, the software product supports a plurality of file systems (except those which were described above). Here are ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs +, jfs, linux-swap, ntfs, xfs, reiserfs and reiser4.

download-parted-magic-windows-pcIn conclusion, I want to say that this level of software package is perfect for anyone who works in the operating systems Linux, as well, for all those users who want to learn this "OSes" and learn how to work with it.