NanoCAD is a universal automated programming environment for the development of structured cabling systems, which are in the engineering world, more commonly called the acronym SCS. This program allows you to use the automatic mode is when you set some initial parameters to calculate many indicators which are used for laying cables or providing a plurality of jobs modern offices telephone.

Key Features Of NanoCAD

First of all, we note immediately that this application is purely a professional product that the average user will simply incomprehensible. On the other hand, any engineering worker who uses his knowledge in this area will be able to appreciate all the feature set that offers a software product.

The fact is that if certain initial conditions are set, for example, the number of jobs, the bandwidth of the cable and the like, using the program on the basis of standard state can be calculated and the number of cables and their arrangement, and the entire system Elbows, and much more. It goes without saying that the very initial conditions must be put quite clearly. On the other hand, the program maintains the initial settings task outcome or output using different units of measurement systems, making it universal to be used in totally different countries, where, for example, as a basic measure of length can be used centimeters and meters, and the same UK - inches and pounds. The same applies to the description of the mass, such as kilograms or pounds.


By and large, this software is designed for automated creation of projects of any complexity, based on the connection ports and some other conditions. Most interesting is that tracing cable can be represented in both the horizontal and vertical versions. There are many solutions. On the main project drawing program can create callouts detailed description of the settings for connecting any type of cable. But it absolutely does not mean that there is no possibility of creating such links manually. These links can be attributed even handwritten comments relating to a particular connection point.

In general, this software tool is so versatile that by using it, you can create a project, they say, from scratch. The most interesting - the project is not limited only to the drawings, but also carries the most complete information regarding the laying or connect any type of device using completely different types of cables. For the designer of this type of systems this software package is simply irreplaceable finding.

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