PerfectDisk - a powerful utility designed for computer hard disk defragmentation. It has almost exactly the same set of functionality as the paid version. Restrictions may be minor. In general, this program is superior to many analogues in this area.

Key Features Of PerfectDisk

First of all, for those who do not know, we note that the defragmentation process in all cases allows you to organize files on the computer's hard drives, determining the frequency of access and optimizing the free space on your hard drive. However, the process itself, if you use the standard tools of Windows, a pretty long time, and not every user will be able to survive. This is an application that allows for speed defragmentation, much greater than that of standard tools and many similar software products. This is achieved primarily due to the fact that the program is one of the fastest engines and uses SMART Placement. It is clear that many people do not tend to use slower defragmentation. On the other hand, this application even at slow defragmentation demonstrates the wonders of speed and unique end result.

The program interface is quite simple and, to some extent resembles the Ribbon interface of "native" defragmenter Windows. So deal with it, I think, were not working. Especially because the process of inspecting and Disk Defragmenter to run a couple of clicks. Among other things, the application has a separate function fast defragmentation Quick Defrag, which generally has a high speed. The fact that by using this mode, an analysis and processing only the fragmented files.

Pretty much attention is paid to the program SSD-drives. It is no secret that the slow defragmentation can reduce the service life of solid-state drives. In this case, a special technology SSD Optimize, which makes it quite significantly increase the speed of analysis and defragmentation SSD-drive, which naturally brings her to one of the first places among the programs of this kind.

download-perfectdisk-pro-windows-xp-vista-7-8So, we have quite a "nimble" application to perform one of the most fundamental and basic operations with a computer hard drive. Indeed, according to the speed of this program is little that can compare. Moreover, the ease of use attracts even the most untrained users who never before defragmentation process is not engaged. Now there are no restrictions. Everything is clear and simple.