PhotoFiltre - modern editing software has one of the most powerful set of tools for creating, editing and converting graphic images. The program is fairly easy to use and contains many unique features and effects to create professional-quality work.

The Main Features Of PhotoFiltre

First of all, it should be said that the program combines not only high-level editing, and file manager. Special Function Image Explorer allows you to import an image from a pre-defined folders. The kit contains all the basic functions of the basic operations for working with images, common to all programs of this kind. Here is to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, color, light, as well as numerous art custom filters that you can use to change the image beyond recognition.

Very interesting is the work allocation and selection. The program provides two types of selections. The first type includes standard shapes such as square, rectangle, circle, and so on. D. In the second type represented by arbitrary allocation and polygonal shapes. In some ways it's like working with secretions in the program Corel Draw. Which is quite remarkable, with each release, you can use your own effect or filter, as well as set the boundaries of smoothing the transition from the allocation to the main image. Additionally, such fragments superimposed with effects and filters can be stored in separate files for future use. No less interesting and advanced is the effect of creating a translucent transition edges of the image. This so-called module PhotoMasque. This module provides several standard masks templates on which you can create your own and use them in future work along with built-in. In general, if we talk about filters, then the program has more than 30, for every taste.

For ease of use with the most frequently used functions in the application is a special application of the basic automation module functions to multiple groups of images. This includes operations such as conversion, resizing, drawing frames and so on. D. Among other things, the program copes with the creation of icons from the animated GIF-images. And, of course, the application has full support for working with different types of textures and contours, allows you to add text effects such as rotation, bulges or shadows, and also makes it possible to produce a combination or blending of images together.

In general, the program will "perfectly well". Man, even slightly familiar with creating and editing graphics, will find in it a lot of interesting and useful. In addition, the program is absolutely free.You can always download the crack from the Internet.


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