Photoscape - free editing software which contains functions of viewing and editing images, batch files, converting RAW-files, screen capture, and others. The program also allows you to create animated GIF files and slideshow to determine pixel color, resize, brightness , contrast and saturation of images, apply various filters, remove "red-eye" and more.

Main Features Of Photoscape

Program, in general, is somewhat limited and is a basic set of functions. These include image cropping, resizing, contrast, brightness or contrast. To understand the work of other higher-level applications in Photoscape provides a set consisting of multiple filters. It may be, for example, the effects of wind, rain, waves, oil paintings, prints and t. E. Such filters have automatic tuning and application. However, learning how to add them in the automatic mode, you can move on and configure them manually.

Pretty good app works with creating and editing animated graphics in format GIF. This format is an image created from multiple stationary images with some displacement of any elements in the plane. Combining all the images and get a moving object.

One of the most interesting and highly relevant functions is to work with graphics and then save the results in a single RAW-file, which is very useful for putting pictures and photos of, say, social networking blogs.

Also, Photoscape includes work with stationary still images and photographs, which can be seen in different ways, some elements taken from the same species, but, for example with different lighting or exposure. If we combine all these images, you can achieve quite a distinct species every detail that was previously on any photo was not visible or blurred.

And finally, I must say that the program is in automatic mode (using the wizard) allows you to easily create business cards. Of course, a set of templates is limited and does not go to any comparison with professional applications designed specifically for this. However, for practical training and the use of the basic concepts and capabilities fit, as well as possible.

download-photoscape-mac-os-and-windows-xp-7-8Key Features of Photoscape :

  • View photos in the selected folder.
  • Create a slide show.
  • Built-in editor (resizing, brightness, color adjustment, backlight white balance, add text, correction, remove red eye, and others.).
  • Batch processing of files.
  • Ability to combine multiple photos into one image.
  • Creating animation files GIF.
  • Print portrait shots.
  • Separating photos into several parts.
  • Creating screenshots.
  • Renaming photos in batch mode.
  • Converting RAW files to JPG.