PicPick is one of programs designed to remove from the screen screenshots. It allows you to use many of the standard features for working with such images. In addition, the application has a built-in image editor for further processing taking screenshots.

Key Features PicPick

Speaking about the functioning of the application, not immediately draw the attention of users of the program, as such, does not have a graphical interface. After launching the application continues to run in the background. Its icon is displayed in the system tray (System Tray). It was from there, and you must choose the appropriate command to perform a particular action. The graphical interface is available only in the built-in image editor.

The application allows you to easily change a lot of settings and shoot images with two monitors. Moreover, it is not necessary that it was full screen. Can be set arbitrarily allocates the area from which and will take a picture. You can even ask any pictures of active regions using the even automatic scrolling. It happens quite handy when you have built a higher scale.

If we talk about the graphical editor, he has all the necessary functions in the field of editing and adding effects to the pictures. For example, you can resize the image, edit the palette, get detailed information about the color of a particular point in the image, edit, blur, sharpen, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and so on.. In general, most standard set of tools.

Among several unusual instruments would like to note the presence of the protractor, meter section, the selection of a specific color by mixing the three primary colors (called mode RGB), the possibility of using a virtual ruler to measure anything on your screen, highlight the function of something on the screen with a pencil immediately before creating screenshots and more. Pretty interesting feature is the ability to create a picture in advance the selected area of ​​the screen with the task required size or not.


In general, the program not only has all the standard features that are common to almost all programs of this type. However, there are some additional and versatile. Distributive standard version occupies a volume of about 10 MB, a portable version that does not require installation, "weighs" almost half the size - 5.18 MB. And, of course, both the release work quite right in the operating systems family of Windows, including versions of XP, Vista and 7.