Pixia - one of the most unusual graphic editors of our time, has, however, an interesting set of functionality. The unusual it is easy to explain. The fact that the developer and the author of this application. This and more extravagant interface.

Key Features Pixia

If we talk about the program in general, as soon as it is worth noting the low consumption of system resources. And the first run, and all subsequent program starts happening literally instantly, in contrast to the same Photoshop (remember, some time passes until the application is fully loaded, even taking into account the repeated runs ...).

At first glance, the application interface may seem a bit oversaturated various buttons and icons. But this is only at first glance. Each button or icon operation has its tip. Just hover your mouse over the desired object and everything will become clear. The only thing more uncomfortable, it is not always clear icons operations. Average user at first to get used to them will be, to put it mildly, difficult.

Generally, the program is replete with toolbars for quick access to files or executable operations. In the right part there are four buttons, each of which is responsible for the individual control functions. The first controls the palette, the second - the colors, the third - pencils, and the fourth - the layers. By the way, the program supports a sufficiently large number of layers, in addition, there is absolutely no limit to their number - it all depends on the amount of RAM. Furthermore toolbars program comprises two independent effects panels, each of which is divided into six groups, and which is from one to fourteen effects. In addition to that, there are four additional panel to adjust the settings. For example, one of the panels fitted on the maintenance of graphics tablets.

Quite interestingly constructed and system for adding and editing text captions on graphic objects. In the given case, you can even change the geometry of the line, apply smoothing to avoid the occurrence of irregularities or ladders, at the end of the work and you can edit the inscription itself, which allow not all even professional editors.

What can I say? In general, the lack of opportunities for the program. Them so much that one article to describe all impossible. Can program and is somewhat unusual, however, I think we should try it out and you will see how it is a powerful and flexible tool.


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